Last night I was a Thai man. Older, married. I don’t remember where I was headed when I walked over the hill, but I cam upon a clearing and found tons of dead bodies. The police weren’t there, but they were covered with white sheets. I think someone who possibly knew me, told me to run-get out, or they would think that I did it. That person then walked me over a hill, down to the main road. They told me that someone was trying to kill me and I had to leave the country and my identity immediately. They took my drivers license and threw it in the woods.
Next thing I remember, I was at home with my wife. Telling her to pack her and our daughter’s things-we are going back to Bangkok in the morning.  Then I recieved a phone call-it was a friend of mine. He was upset and angry. He said I was going to hear him shoot his gun so he could tell the bad guys I went inside, and in walks Laura Mayske! Yay! So, I go into Chris’ room and he sits down to play the guitar while holding Weezy. It was so cute, I had to take a picture.

That’s when I woke up.