The first thing I remember in this dream was finding out Lauren was pregnant. How exciting! Maybe I should take a pregnancy test…surprise, I’m pregnant, too! Oh, wow, we can be pregnant together and our babies will be the same age…life will be great.  But, wait, I’ve been having horrible abdominal pains, and have been bleeding…I need to go to the doctor ASAP!

So I get to the doctor, which is over an hour drive.  He gives me a very painful examination, and tells me I’m 4 months pregnant! I get to see an ultrasound of the baby, but it looks funny to me because the heart is beating outside of the baby’s body.  The nurse seemed very concerned for a minute, buuut….”Just kidding!” she tells me, “this is completely normal and the body will grow over the heart over time.” Whew.

From there, I don’t remember a big chunk of the dream. This dream seemed to last for hours, and I can’t describe the feeling that I had.  I was so happy to be pregnant. Nothing else mattered.  I can still recall how happy I was.  This scares me-I don’t want children, but my dreams are suggesting otherwise lately-my sub conscious trying to trick me,  perhaps?

So, now I gotta find out who this baby daddy is. There are two candidates, and I cannot remember when the last time I did baby making with either one of these guys was…oopsie!

How am I going to find out?!?! Well, my dream hospital takes that 3D ultrasound a little further-they can get a camera in there and I can see exactly what this baby looks like. Once I saw that baby, I knew exactly who he belonged to (I’m having a boy!!). Ugh, to make that call…

“Hey, I think you should know that I’m pregnant” I don’t remember his exact words, but he did NOT want me to have that baby-he had one already and that was enough. Well, “you” (that’s what we’ll call him), it’s too late, I’m pretty far along (my big belly was quite beautiful, as a matter of fact).  So then this asshole tells me when I have it, I could just drop it.  Surly a newborn wouldn’t survive a fall. I tell him “Great, my child’s father is a total douche bag! Forget it, just forget about it! I don’t need you around.”

So at this point I go to my other guy and for some reason or other, he has decided he is going to take on the role of this little ones daddy.  I have to apologize for sleeping with the other guy, even though I’m pretty sure there was never any commitment between any of them.

That’s all I remember  I woke up and felt the need to take a pregnancy test-oh, wait, not an issue. But seriously, that wonderful feeling I had about being pregnant in this dream has haunted me all day.