After blogging about my random series of dreams last night, I thought creating this blog for ALL of my crazy dreams would be great fun and entertaining (to some, I hope).

Here is a little groundwork.

The first dream I can remember took place, I believe, when I was living in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There was a large group of people running around the apartment building-in circles-becuase there was a  Skeksis (from The Dark Crystal) standing alongside the building. He towered over the 3 stories of the place. And they were just running in circles, not getting away, not going anywhere.

I awoke from this dream scared as hell, and ran into my moms bed. There, while I don’t remember the details, I dreamed of werewolves and full moons.


During the summers, long weekends, and any vacation I had from school, my sister and I spent time at our nana and papaws house in Madisonville, Kentucky. Small town, and the street they lived on consisted of 5 small houses and one larger mysterious house at the end of the street that was pretty much hidden. There were a couple of girls mine and my sister, Laurens, age that lived there and we spent a lot of time in that house, which to us was like a mansion. It was old and a little dark and creepy. (I wish I could get an image of it, but I’ve tried and google maps gives me nothing.) I dream of this house often. As a matter of fact (this is the part I’ve been trying to get to) in one of my earlier dreams, not exactly sure at what age this occurred, I dreamed I went upstairs in an attic of this house. But it wasn’t a full attic. Just a staircase to get to another “attic”. And up some stairs to another. Until finally I ended up on a screened in porch on a beautiful lawn. On the screened in porch were some creepy toys, including a large, very frightening, Jack-in-the-box. I wasn’t afraid of it, though.

And that was the first place I dreamed of regularly. It was never the same dream, but the same place.

Then there was the cemetery. While I cannot recall the details of any of these dreams, this place was beautiful. I went to this fantastical, colossal, place to find peace, and that’s all I remember. It was in an open area.

There was another cemetery that was much smaller. It was almost “hidden” deep in the woods. near a stream. This cometary I usually went to to get away from someone. Shortly after I started dreaming about this place, I had a dream of my “original” cemetery ^^ They were tearing it down to build an amphitheatre. A big one. I havent dreamed of that one ever since. I’ve dreamed of my deep woods cemetery in the past year, but I remember someone trying to find me there, so I had to run away.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the house in Kentucky where I used to play shows up frequently in my sleep. Sometimes just casually, sometimes this house has an eerie effect on me, like it’s haunted, and all of the spirits it hold are watching me.

Just recently, in the past few months, I have started dreaming about a beach town. It seems that it my dreams, it is Jekyll Island, but I know Jekyll, and this is not that place. There are lakes in my dream version of it.

So, these are the places that are constants in my dreams. I thought that would be a good base for this blog. My dreams can be quite vivid, many times disturbing, and sometimes just plain nonsense. I hope you will enjoy the posts to come. Sweetest dreams…