My former boss, a diamond broker (who appeared in the form of Demián Bichir {Rawr!}), was in the parking lot of some random place. He was driving some space age car, that did not have wheels. I can’t even begin to describe how it functioned, but it could be used as a boat, also. . Anyway, for some reason I had to back it into his parking spot, and when I did I lightly scraped another car. I was so apologetic. He was pissed. My sister was there and trying to reason with him “It’s not that bad…it can be buffed out”. That did not help. For some reason, even though I understood it was my fault, I was pissed that he was being such a dick. I mean, this guy is a millionaire, and he hates me now because I put a teeny little scratch on his car?! No fair! Next thing I knew I was inside and he was trying to calm me down. To show me that he was no longer mad, he handed me his Prada sunglasses and asked me to step on them. At first I was hesitant, but then I thought it might make me feel better. So I smashed them. And then, in tears, started storming out, thinking I was fired. He calls out behind me “Sarah, where are you going? This kind of thing happens in the PR business. You get over it and get back to work.”