Ok, so, I was walking up the stairs  to my nana and papa’s house ( a place I have started to dream of frequently) and I notice several cats outside. I make a mental note to not let them in the house to avoid contact with Snoopy. As I approach the front door, I notice-there are THREE Snoopy’s inside! Uh oh…I know immediatly somthing is wrong with these catsI don’t like this one bit…So Lauren and me decide to go check on papaw, and-he has TWENTY cats in his room!!! Oh, no! We go back into the living room and one of the blondes that has transformed from cat form comes into the living room and starts to leave. Turns out, they just needed a place to hang out while they were in cat form.


Last night I was a Thai man. Older, married. I don’t remember where I was headed when I walked over the hill, but I cam upon a clearing and found tons of dead bodies. The police weren’t there, but they were covered with white sheets. I think someone who possibly knew me, told me to run-get out, or they would think that I did it. That person then walked me over a hill, down to the main road. They told me that someone was trying to kill me and I had to leave the country and my identity immediately. They took my drivers license and threw it in the woods.
Next thing I remember, I was at home with my wife. Telling her to pack her and our daughter’s things-we are going back to Bangkok in the morning.  Then I recieved a phone call-it was a friend of mine. He was upset and angry. He said I was going to hear him shoot his gun so he could tell the bad guys I went inside, and in walks Laura Mayske! Yay! So, I go into Chris’ room and he sits down to play the guitar while holding Weezy. It was so cute, I had to take a picture.

That’s when I woke up.

The first thing I remember in this dream was finding out Lauren was pregnant. How exciting! Maybe I should take a pregnancy test…surprise, I’m pregnant, too! Oh, wow, we can be pregnant together and our babies will be the same age…life will be great.  But, wait, I’ve been having horrible abdominal pains, and have been bleeding…I need to go to the doctor ASAP!

So I get to the doctor, which is over an hour drive.  He gives me a very painful examination, and tells me I’m 4 months pregnant! I get to see an ultrasound of the baby, but it looks funny to me because the heart is beating outside of the baby’s body.  The nurse seemed very concerned for a minute, buuut….”Just kidding!” she tells me, “this is completely normal and the body will grow over the heart over time.” Whew.

From there, I don’t remember a big chunk of the dream. This dream seemed to last for hours, and I can’t describe the feeling that I had.  I was so happy to be pregnant. Nothing else mattered.  I can still recall how happy I was.  This scares me-I don’t want children, but my dreams are suggesting otherwise lately-my sub conscious trying to trick me,  perhaps?

So, now I gotta find out who this baby daddy is. There are two candidates, and I cannot remember when the last time I did baby making with either one of these guys was…oopsie!

How am I going to find out?!?! Well, my dream hospital takes that 3D ultrasound a little further-they can get a camera in there and I can see exactly what this baby looks like. Once I saw that baby, I knew exactly who he belonged to (I’m having a boy!!). Ugh, to make that call…

“Hey, I think you should know that I’m pregnant” I don’t remember his exact words, but he did NOT want me to have that baby-he had one already and that was enough. Well, “you” (that’s what we’ll call him), it’s too late, I’m pretty far along (my big belly was quite beautiful, as a matter of fact).  So then this asshole tells me when I have it, I could just drop it.  Surly a newborn wouldn’t survive a fall. I tell him “Great, my child’s father is a total douche bag! Forget it, just forget about it! I don’t need you around.”

So at this point I go to my other guy and for some reason or other, he has decided he is going to take on the role of this little ones daddy.  I have to apologize for sleeping with the other guy, even though I’m pretty sure there was never any commitment between any of them.

That’s all I remember  I woke up and felt the need to take a pregnancy test-oh, wait, not an issue. But seriously, that wonderful feeling I had about being pregnant in this dream has haunted me all day.


My former boss, a diamond broker (who appeared in the form of Demián Bichir {Rawr!}), was in the parking lot of some random place. He was driving some space age car, that did not have wheels. I can’t even begin to describe how it functioned, but it could be used as a boat, also. . Anyway, for some reason I had to back it into his parking spot, and when I did I lightly scraped another car. I was so apologetic. He was pissed. My sister was there and trying to reason with him “It’s not that bad…it can be buffed out”. That did not help. For some reason, even though I understood it was my fault, I was pissed that he was being such a dick. I mean, this guy is a millionaire, and he hates me now because I put a teeny little scratch on his car?! No fair! Next thing I knew I was inside and he was trying to calm me down. To show me that he was no longer mad, he handed me his Prada sunglasses and asked me to step on them. At first I was hesitant, but then I thought it might make me feel better. So I smashed them. And then, in tears, started storming out, thinking I was fired. He calls out behind me “Sarah, where are you going? This kind of thing happens in the PR business. You get over it and get back to work.”

After blogging about my random series of dreams last night, I thought creating this blog for ALL of my crazy dreams would be great fun and entertaining (to some, I hope).

Here is a little groundwork.

The first dream I can remember took place, I believe, when I was living in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There was a large group of people running around the apartment building-in circles-becuase there was a  Skeksis (from The Dark Crystal) standing alongside the building. He towered over the 3 stories of the place. And they were just running in circles, not getting away, not going anywhere.

I awoke from this dream scared as hell, and ran into my moms bed. There, while I don’t remember the details, I dreamed of werewolves and full moons.


During the summers, long weekends, and any vacation I had from school, my sister and I spent time at our nana and papaws house in Madisonville, Kentucky. Small town, and the street they lived on consisted of 5 small houses and one larger mysterious house at the end of the street that was pretty much hidden. There were a couple of girls mine and my sister, Laurens, age that lived there and we spent a lot of time in that house, which to us was like a mansion. It was old and a little dark and creepy. (I wish I could get an image of it, but I’ve tried and google maps gives me nothing.) I dream of this house often. As a matter of fact (this is the part I’ve been trying to get to) in one of my earlier dreams, not exactly sure at what age this occurred, I dreamed I went upstairs in an attic of this house. But it wasn’t a full attic. Just a staircase to get to another “attic”. And up some stairs to another. Until finally I ended up on a screened in porch on a beautiful lawn. On the screened in porch were some creepy toys, including a large, very frightening, Jack-in-the-box. I wasn’t afraid of it, though.

And that was the first place I dreamed of regularly. It was never the same dream, but the same place.

Then there was the cemetery. While I cannot recall the details of any of these dreams, this place was beautiful. I went to this fantastical, colossal, place to find peace, and that’s all I remember. It was in an open area.

There was another cemetery that was much smaller. It was almost “hidden” deep in the woods. near a stream. This cometary I usually went to to get away from someone. Shortly after I started dreaming about this place, I had a dream of my “original” cemetery ^^ They were tearing it down to build an amphitheatre. A big one. I havent dreamed of that one ever since. I’ve dreamed of my deep woods cemetery in the past year, but I remember someone trying to find me there, so I had to run away.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the house in Kentucky where I used to play shows up frequently in my sleep. Sometimes just casually, sometimes this house has an eerie effect on me, like it’s haunted, and all of the spirits it hold are watching me.

Just recently, in the past few months, I have started dreaming about a beach town. It seems that it my dreams, it is Jekyll Island, but I know Jekyll, and this is not that place. There are lakes in my dream version of it.

So, these are the places that are constants in my dreams. I thought that would be a good base for this blog. My dreams can be quite vivid, many times disturbing, and sometimes just plain nonsense. I hope you will enjoy the posts to come. Sweetest dreams…